Pricing Information

A Pay What You Can" 

Service Model

We believe that counselling should be a service that should be available to everyone. Our service model is the unique "pay what you can", which ensures we try to leave no one out. 

As a boutique family therapy and development centre, we cater to all races, religions, and socio-economic groups.  

Especially for those who might find themselves in difficult financial situations, while needing a listening ear. 

There are also those who might have been considering attending counselling sessions for some time, but have been dissuaded by the high price associated with it. 

Our "pay what you can" model, serves to bridge that gap - to enable us to reach those who might need our help, or a listening ear most, but cannot afford it.

How does "Pay What You Can" Work?


Pay What You Can"

 "Pay What You Can" allows you, the client, to pay at a contribution rate you are capable to pay.   This contribution rate will be discussed and agreed with the therapist at the beginning of the first session.

We want our counselling services to be available and affordable to those who cannot afford to pay for traditional fees for counselling services.

For our clients who can afford to pay our published contribution rate is detailed below.  

 The contribution can be made in cash or by PayNow/PayLah.

 Contribution Rates

Weekdays during office hours:  $120 per hour 

Weekday nights and Saturdays:  $150 per hour

Clinical Supervision

Clinical Supervision

 We provide Clinical Supervision for Social Workers or Counsellors who are looking for skill-specific guidance with regards to their cases.

The Clinical Supervision will be conducted by Dr. Chua Wei Bin, a Systemic Therapist who has more than 15 years of experience in working with individuals and families.

Please reach out to us via email at "" should you wish to book a Clinical Supervision session. 

Contribution Rate

Clinical Supervision: $150 per hour


Life and Career Coaching

 We provide Life and Career Coaching for who are looking for skill-specific guidance and support.

Both Dr Chua Wei Bin and Sunny Naidu have extensive years of life, corporate and leadership experience which can be applied to assist adults, young adults and teens.

Please reach out to us via email at "" should you wish to book a Life and Career Coaching session.. 

Contribution Rate

Life and Career Coaching: $150 per hour