Why did we choose a “Pay As You Wish” model?
Have you ever considered going for therapy but avoided it because of the costs alone?

We believe that counselling should be a service that's available to everyone. Our service model is the unique "pay as you wish", which ensures we leave no one out. 

As a boutique family therapy and development centre, we cater to all races, religions, and socio-economic groups.  

Especially for those who might find themselves in financially sticky situations while needing a listening ear. 

There are also those who might have been considering attending counselling sessions for some time, but have been dissuaded by the price associated with it. 

Our "pay as you wish" model, serves to bridge that gap - to enable us to reach those who might need our help, or a listening ear most.z

"Pay As You Wish" allows you, the recipient, to pay at a rate he or she wishes and is capable of, after each therapy session. 

This is done in order to facilitate those who might be keen on trying therapy to evaluate if they like it, and if it is beneficial to them.

One thought on “Why did we choose a “Pay As You Wish” model?

  1. Love the “Pay as you wish” model – a kind and compassionate approach to therapy which often is out of reach for many due to costs. In a country where physical health services are reasonably available and often paid out of pocket, refreshing to see this approach to mental health care which remains rarely covered even to those with standard health insurance.

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